Monthly Archives: January 2011

Fashion Prep


Well, this is slightly late, but…

I spent the weekend preparing myself to begin my fashion journey.  It was an interesting time, let me tell you!  Who would have thought I was so ill prepared?  I’m still not completely done with everything!  One of the first agenda items I was faced with was how many things I need to buy.  Like tweezers?  Let me tell you, I’ve never done anything with my own eyebrows– I usually leave that to professionals.  But I can’t afford to have them done all the time, so yeah.

Shopping List includes:

  • Tweezers
  • Mascara
  • Pencil Eyeliner
  • Makeup brush
  • Cover Up
  • Bobby Pins

And probably more as I go along.  Every time I turn around, I just keep thinking up more things I might need.  I haven’t messed with mascara since I jabbed myself in the eye with it the last time, so I’m a little paranoid.  Still, time to bite that bullet and make a truce with my makeup.  And Youtube videos… a LOT of Youtube videos.

Possible TMI Moment — (If you see the TMI warning, note that this could include personal things about myself, or feminine things that may make guys uncomfortable.)

I also did a lot of laundry this weekend, instead of my usual underwear/towels routine.  Normally I leave clothes off for awhile until the hamper is really full, then I have a laundry day and just do it all at once.  I want to get in the habit of doing laundry more often than that, so that I have all of my clothes at my full disposal for planning outfits.

Shaving was also on the menu– one of the most loathsome things ever invented.  Do you know how shaving got to be a thing? I’m sure consumerism is to blame, like most things.  Anyway, I bow to social convention and shave, especially when I’m going to be out and about, but in the winter it’s just too easy to let that sort of thing go.  After all, you’re wearing long socks, boots, and long pants– who’s going to see?  So I’m known to get pretty lax in my hair-care routine.  (Not to mention, do you know how HARD it is to shave your legs in those little cubicle dorm showers?)  Anyway, I got all that taken care of, and banged my arm a couple of times for my trouble.


What was possibly the BEST part of the entire weekend, however, was when I realized that my bangs were too long and needed trimming.  My hair grows pretty fast, so my haircuts never tend to last long anyway.  My bangs, which had started out at glasses length, were now working their way to being behind-the-ear pieces of hair– and I just happened to buy a new pair of scissors at the bookstore.

One of these sides is not like the other...

One thing led to another, and suddenly I’d hacked off a little more than intended.

Now, this picture isn’t really the best, but my camera-phone sucks and I’m no photographer.  Anyway, what you may or may not be able to tell is that the left bans are about half as long as the ones on the right, and they’re ALL GOING IN THE SAME DIRECTION.  (As opposed to angling in opposite directions to frame my face.)

I’ve gotten sort of used to them, and thus far nobody has accosted me in the halls for my blatant fashion faux pas, but that’s the LAST time I take my haircuts into my own hands.    (My suitemates did, however, take some time out of their schedules to laugh at me in the bathroom when they discovered my mistake, and hanks of hair in the trash can.)

Good start Kiah, good start.