Hello World!

Well, it isn’t time to launch the project quite yet.  Still, I thought the blog looked a little forlorn and lonely without anything on it, so I decided to do a preliminary post just to see what everything would look like. 🙂  So far I am pleased.  I’m still not sure if this is the theme I’d like to stick with– after all, the Banana Smoothie layout is pre-tay cool– but it works for now.  The flowers at the top looked different in the preview picture.

Anywho!  Stay tuned for the OFFICIAL launch, which will be coming sometime next Monday or Tuesday.  I’m kind of excited.

(Okay, ‘apprehensive’ is probably a better word.)

Till then!


About loserx0rz

A woman who has decided to start using blogging as both a method of getting off her butt to DO things and a tool for school projects. Hopefully this works out. :)

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