Teen Vogue Winter Products

We all know how much fun winter can be, and in the U.P. we can get a heavier dose of it than most other places.  And even though all the sports, cute sweaters, and picturesque scenery is nice, there’s one thing that winter ISN’T great for– your skin.

I know that I personally have a horrible time keeping myself from drying out, and my desperate attempts usually mean slapping some body lotion on and trying not to look like a lizard person.  This just results in acne and frustration.  However, the link below leads to some products that can help keep away those nasty effects of the cold, and leave you as supple and u-chapped as summer. 🙂

Many of them aren’t even that expensive!  (Though the one pictured above will run you about 80$, which is out of MY personal price range.)  Good luck!

(And if anyone has tried any of these products, let me know how they worked for you!)

: teenvogue.com.


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