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Spring Fling

It’s officially Spring Break!

At least for me it is. 🙂

And in honor of that, plus the fact that I was bored, I decided to play around with my makeup and see what I could come up with as a sort of ode to spring, and the fact that I’m not headed to Florida or Mexico or some place warm.

I swear, I will try to make this update as small as possible (not counting the copious amount of pictures I have to post), but bear with me, it’s a lot to cover.  Guys, this one probably isn’t for you– though if you want to see how to make your eyes absolutely FIERCE, feel free to read on. =D  We don’t judge.

Isn't that just springy?

To get the ball rolling, I did my nails in an absolutely AMAZING spring/lime green color called ‘Wild Thing’ from Pure Ice.  I’ve decided I really like their nail polishes, especially considering the low $2 price tag.  It was a good way to put myself in that sort of fun mood, and it just brightens me up every time I look at my hand. 🙂

Obviously I’m no expert, and I’m hardly trying to suggest that.  But I hope that maybe someone finds what I’ve done here interesting, and maybe tries it out as well. 🙂  If you do, take a picture and show me!  I’d love to get input too, or any suggestions for making it better, or even just favorite looks– I’m always looking for new ideas to try/inspire me!  (I know, always makes it sound like I’ve been at this longer than just like a month, LOL.)

So!  Here’s a picture of the look we’re going to be trying out.  I drew up a model face that I could use any time I wanted to show a look.  I took a lot of pictures of myself, but the lighting was bad and I only had my cameraphone, which is hardly the way it should be seen.  I’ll still post them, but I think this picture gives a better idea.  Obviously the face isn’t based off my own, ha ha!

A Taste of the Tropics

Now the details are a little hard to see here, but I think you get the gist of it.  Let me just say that as soon as I’d finished this and walked out of my room, I almost instantly got a compliment, and someone asked why I’d gotten so pretty to just wander around my room!  (Good question, ha ha!)  This is a little more daring than the relatively neutral palette I’ve been sticking too lately, but that was very refreshing. 🙂

Obviously there are any number of variations to this style, and different ways the colors could be used/set up/arranged.  Try it out!

So.  I’m going to post this picture again, but with numbers and little arrows that will show the steps I took to get to this point.  Then I’ll post the steps, including all the products I personally used, and products I would have used if I’d had them, or that I think might look equally good/better in re-creating it.  Then I’ll throw up the pictures I took of myself, and we’ll call it a night!


0. Step Zero– prepare your face for makeup!  Everyone has their own routine I’m sure.  I don’t have particularly oily skin, so this would be different if I did.  I wash, then use Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer with SPF15 and moisturizer.  I actually have fairly dry skin, so I use a lot of moisturizers.  If I had been serious, I would have applied a tinted moisturizer next, since I don’t use a full-out foundation.  The Hard Candy Primer is very silky, goes on smooth, and just evens everything out.  (But don’t use on oily skin!  You’ll want to go for more powder-based stuff.)  Any other primers would go on now.  If I had access to Urban Decay Primer Potion or Pixie Epoxy, I would put those on (in that order).  But I didn’t, so I just followed up with some more generic moisturizer + Maybelline CoverUp in #10 Light.  (Just a little over my trouble spots– namely the enormous bags under my eyes.)

  1. You can’t see in the picture, but step one is actually a sparkly sort of nude/sheer beige color.  I applied Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow #130 Pixie (it’s just as adorable as the name suggests) liberally, all the way from my upper lash line to my eyebrows.  Most of it gets covered later with eyeshadow, but it’s nice to build on and gives an underlying shimmer.

  2. Next, jump right into color.  The only 2 things of eyeshadow I own at the moment are both from Claire‘s, and are 10-color palettes.  One is called Hollywood Glamor, and the other is Pop Art.  Most of the colors I used here are from the Pop Art one, but there is a nice sort of pinkish-orange in the Glamor set that I used as a base.  I applied that with one of the regular foam applicators about halfway up.  Then I pulled out my eyeshadow brush.  I bought it at Walmart for $5, and it’s 2-sided, one side being an angled brush, the other a short shading brush.  Using the short, puffy side, get some yellow and apply it from the inner corner about 1/3 of the way out.  Don’t worry too much about accuracy– you’ll blend them as you go.  It should cover the peachy tone I used earlier, if you go with that as well.  I used a really bright yellow, nameless in my palette, so any yellow should work, really.  Whatever floats your boat, and you happen to have lying around.

  3. I went with a bright green next.  Like I said, I was going for a sort of tropical look.  Using that same stubby brush (though of course you should get rid of the excess yellow), pick up some of the green and go from the yellow.  Cover the middle, but leave the last 1/3 of your eyelid empty.  While you have your green out, use the angled brush to get some and put a light line of shadow under your eye, along the lower lash line.  It’ll accent the color.

  4. Last but not least, orange!  Again, any bright cheery orange will do.  Going back to the fat brush, finish the rest of your eyebrow with it, the space between the green and the outside of the lid.  This look doesn’t call for going outside of that, but others can.

  5. Just for fun, I used my angled brush and a darker, jewel-tone green, to go along my upper lash line.  What’s life without some whimsy?

  6. Using some pure white eyeshadow with a little sparkle, I accented my brown bone by just dusting it along my eyebrow, and along my nose into the corner of my eye.  It highlights the colors and makes them stand out.

  7. Now it’s time for eyeliner.  If you aren’t so good at this, like I’m not, this step might actually be number 1 or 2.  (It takes me a couple tries to get it right, and you don’t want to be messing up the beautiful job you just did on your shadow!)  But, if you’re good and experienced, this is a nice time to put on your eyeliner.  Now, I went with a sort of shimmery dark grey, Almay Liquid Liner in Black Pearl, but I think a brown would have looked pretty good with this too, and fit with the tropical image.  Just ease that in a normal-sized line along your upper lash line, extending it out past the lashes a bit in a point, like you can see in the picture.  You can make it more dramatic or more subtle to taste.  Step 7.5 is to put on your mascara.  If you’re good, do it here.  If you’re not, do it towards the beginning, and maybe touch-up after all the eyeshadow is done, or you’ll smear everything.  I used the pink and green bottle by Maybelline, thanks to a lot of suggestions from the Nonfiction class. 🙂  Tilt your head back– it helps!

  8. I used my Rimmel Soft Kohl #071 Pure White pencil liner to accent the inner corner of my line, then used it along my bottom lash line, and eventually angled it out into a point beneath the dark liner.  It looked pretty nice, actually, and I think I’ll have to try it again with some experimenting.  I also applied the white pencil liner along my water line for accent.  You’re pretty much done with the eyes now!  Congrats! As sort of a step 8.5, I took my #106 Sweet As Pie Glitz stick by Hard Candy, which is essentially a glitter stick, and went along the bottom lashes and all over the tropical colors, just to give them a sparkle which I personally enjoy.  Obviously not a necessary step, just something I do!

  9. As both a blush and a sort of all-over face color I use Wet n Wild MegaGlo illuminating powder, #346 Strike-A-Pose-Rose.  It’s 4 different stripes of color, which you can use separately or together.  You just need a big fluffy brush for this– I use a really crappy cheap one from Walmart that sheds every time, so I suggest getting a slightly higher-end one to save on annoyance.  Anywho, first I focus on my cheeks, and smile so I really get the apples.  Don’t forget to sweep all over, and into your hairline, so you don’t look awkward!  Then I just get some on, dab onto my forehead, nose, and chin, and do a bunch of over-all sweeps for some nice color.

  10. The end!  Lips finish up the look.  Since your eyes are already the stars, you just want some simple color and gloss.  I didn’t do lipstick for this, just put on a little lip-liner and then used my lip gloss– #586, Mega Plump by Wet n Wild.  (It tastes sort of like cinnamon.)  Anywho, that gives a really glossy pink color, which is just the sort of light-and-sweet finish you want for this tropical ensemble.  Congrats, you’re look fresh and fabulous as a spring break ought to be!

Thanks for reading, if you did.  (I know it was a lot to take in, and not exactly my usual sort of blog update.)  What can I say?  I was inspired.  I’m going to try to do a video tutorial, to show you just how much messing and putzing around, not to mention trial-and-error (heavy on the error) went into something like this, so we’ll see how that goes. 🙂

Like I said, if you did it, let me know and/or see!

Hope everyone has a lovely, sunny (?) Spring Break. ^^  And here are those pictures of me.  Ta ta!

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