Beauty is Expensive

And not just in a pocketbook way!

(Although that one is smarting.)  It’s also expensive in a time-management sort of way– which thus far has been my biggest enemy in Week 1 of my endeavor.

My usual thought pattern works something like this… ‘Well, it’s 12 am and I have class tomorrow.  I also have homework I have left off until now for said class.  I should do that in order to get at least 8 hours of sleep.  …WHELP, I think I’ll just read some more fanfiction until 4am and worry about it all later.’

Needless to say, the end result is that I wake up with enormous bags under my eyes about 15 minutes before class starts, and I’m lucky if I remember to take the toothbrush out of my mouth BEFORE heading out the door.

Bad Kiah, bad.  *water bottle squirt*

Time management has always been one of those very few qualities that I lack.  So adding in the additional 30+ minutes (if I’m lucky) to do makeup, hair, etc, is going to be a real challenge.

But!  All that aside, what have I been up to?  Well, like the title might imply, I’ve been doing a lot of…


Which I totally love, don’t get me wrong,

even if it means breaking the bank to do it– which I think I might have done this weekend.  (Not that it was all beauty-related, mind.  There was a lot of food involved– they’re serious when they say don’t go shopping hungry– and maybe the first season of Hey Arnold!)

I had that little shopping list I needed to work on, and boy, I came to my senses pretty quickly.  Maybe it’s been a while since I bought the makeup I have now, or maybe I just blocked out the experience, ’cause MAN, that stuff is EXPENSIVE!  (Or am I just cheap?  I mean, we are talking Walmart here…  Classy, I know.)

But I mean, come on.  $5 for a thing of mascara? They wanted $7+ for foundation/coverup/lipstick, but I’ll get into that in a few.  It’s amazing that I can drop more than thirty dollars on one thing without a second thought, but the sight of a tube of lipstick with a seven-dollar price tag sends me into a coronary fit.

Anyway, what I ended up getting over my 2-day Walmart runs was:

  • The mascara in the green-and-pink bottle, which seems to be pretty popular.
  • Tweezers (how I loathe them)
  • Pencil eyeliner
  • Face Wash
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • Purple Nail Polish (What can I say?  I’m a sucker for doing my nails!)

Well, some progress, anyway.

The Foundation Rant

I decided to wait on the lipstick because not that many people wear it casually, and because it was expensive, and because there were so many colors and types that I really was just starting to get a headache.

I went with the idea of getting some cover-up, because like I’ve mentioned before the bags under my eyes are seriously less than attractive, and they’ve been standing out more often than not with all the gunk I’ve been throwing on my eyes of late.

Not to mention the cold does horrible, unspeakable things to my skin, and I always get these pink cheeks, like I’m some sort of chronic alcoholic or something.

Unfortunately, that ended up being abandoned from sheer exhaustion.  I stood in that aisle for a good twenty minutes reading all the little signs and labels and instructions, and I STILL had no idea what to get.  God, let me put together a lawn mower over figuring out make up any day.

It’s like this huge process or something.  There isn’t just cover up– it’s cover up, THEN foundation, THEN powder, all of which have a lot of different tones in conveniently numbered divisions from light to dark.  (Though supposedly their ‘magical formulas’ will blend to your skin.)

The diagram in the Cover Girl (there was also Maybelline, which was like 20 cents cheaper) section said they go in that order, though my sister, whom I called later in an utter state of bewilderment, says differently.  She took a modeling class, so I’m not entirely sure who to believe.  In my personal opinion, makeup goes like this in order of serious application– Theatre, Modeling, and Normal People.

Who INVENTS this stuff?  Do they have conventions?  Secret meetings in Russian warehouses?  I think things like application of makeup should be included as genetic memory or something in my DNA. My years in community theatre did not prepare me for this.

Still, it’s not ALL bad.

And I mean that.  The new facewash I bought?  THAT is totally worth the $5 bucks I spent, no question!  Honestly, I would recommend it to anyone.  And I have– frequently, with extravagantly-worded texts that had my mother questioning whether I was getting any sleep.


Honestly, I can’t speak to whether or not it works as a face wash– I don’t have a big acne problem, or oil problem, or anything like that– just dryness.  So if somebody has used it before and has more insight into its actual FACIAL properties, shoot me up.  All I can attest to is the EXPERIENCE of USING it– and that,

friends and neighbors, is AMAZING.

It’s like… like… When you chew a piece of minty gum, and then you go outside in the cold and breath in?  Yeah, it’s like that, but ALL OVER YOUR FACE. Then, if you’re using it in the shower like I do, when you go to wash it off, you have the distinctly peculiar-yet-awesome feeling of hot water on cold face.

It’s something that should be tried instead of explained, so go, by some!  Walmart has obviously discovered how great it is, because it’s featured prominently at the front of several aisles in the personal care section– You can’t miss it.

The bottle I have pictured isn’t exactly what it looks like, but close.  It’s Clean & Clear, Oil-free, and says something about being ‘Cool and Refreshing’ (No lie!).  The bottle is sort of see-through, and the stuff is light blue with dark blue beads in it.  Yeah.

What, if anything, have I accomplished this week?

Well, good question.  Monday I got several compliments in class about my makeup– but then, it was my nonfiction class, and they knew what they were looking for.  Still, I received helpful tips– many of which I took to heart while shopping.  (The pencil eyeliner and mascara were results of this.)

Me, trying to look cute and stuff.

I also dressed up at one point, sort of– and looked kind of cute!  (Not that I CAN’T do that when I want to sometimes!)  I discovered a kind of interesting comb-over thing I could do with my bangs if I wanted their un-evenness to look more… purposeful.  That was useful.

Unfortunately I haven’t quite gotten to exploring my wardrobe or my hair yet– this week has mostly been dedicated to Makeup and How-To Youtube videos.  (Which I hope to link below soon.)

Still, I fixed up my eyebrows, learned how to stop BLINKING so freakin’ much when applying eyeliner, and got out my old perfume bottle.  (I don’t know how long it’ll be before I wear it to class, though– I’m still sort of self-conscious about forcing other people to put up with my smells, whether bad OR good.)

Though I’ll tell you a secret as I leave off for the night–

My perfume of choice is ‘Pon Farr’ from the Star Trek line.

You can take the girl away from geek, but you can’t take geek out of the girl.

About loserx0rz

A woman who has decided to start using blogging as both a method of getting off her butt to DO things and a tool for school projects. Hopefully this works out. :)

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  1. There’s just something about Wal-Mart that pulls every person in. I mean, people bash it a lot. Heck, even I do… but it’s just so easy to wonder for hours around one of those Super Stores. I think we’re all guilty of that. But now, with you looking so sharp, at least you know your picture won’t be in one of those “Crazy Wal-Mart People” e-mails. xD

    Have I ever told you how much I love your rambles? They always make me giggle.
    You should write a book with the crazy logic you have.
    I especially liked the order of serious make-up applying versus vocation comparison you did there.

    I won’t lie. I laughed at the Star Trek perfume reference. Though I should have known.
    I should have known.

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