Nail Power

How do you sum up fashion in two words?

Nail Polish!

Okay, maybe not exactly, but I have to admit that there is absolutely nothing I love more than a good bottle of nail polish.  (Not even my new-found love of eyeshadow!  I mean, come on, they even sell them in nifty little quads with instructions on where to put each color on the back!)  Why do I love nail polish so much?  Oh, let me count the ways.

Nail Polish

My heart beats quicker just LOOKING at all those colors... ❤



  1. They’re the only makeup I’ve always been able to use my entire life.  Unlike other makeup, considered to be ‘adult’, my mom never cared that I put on nail polish, so I was practicing years before I even attempted anything else.  Therefore my skills at applying color are, to insert a pun, quite polished.  (Ha ha ha!)
  2. There’s just something about putting on nail polish that makes you feel inherently more girly.  If you ask most women/girls who aren’t otherwise into makeup (like me, for example), most will admit to painting their nails.  It’s just a different experience.
  3. THERE ARE JUST SO MANY COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM!  (I’m seeing a pattern here.  Maybe I just like color?  I blame being an artist.)  Who can resist it when you pass the nail polish section in the store, seeing all those pretty shiny bottles lined up like a cosmetic rainbow?  Not me, I’ll tell you that much!  It’s like crack for your fingers.  Literally.
  4. Any number of other reasons.

In fact, just the other day I bought a new bottle for $7 (and didn’t complain about it NEARLY as much as I did all the other things I bought for an equal price).  I realized that, despite purple being my absolute FAVORITE color, I didn’t have any purple polish! Obviously it was imperative that I correct that mistake post haste.

The color was called Purple Pulse.  I have to admit, another thing I lovelovelove about makeup (especially nail polish) is that people NAME IT.  Anything with a name automatically becomes 10x more awesome, and I will 9 time out of 10 not buy a color if it doesn’t have a name.  (Or a name I think is cool enough.)

Isn't it lovely? I don't have the black they use under the glitter, though. I just have my purple.

Then, on yet another incredibly expensive Walmart run, I bought another (thankfully cheaper) polish to go with it.  This one was just a simple glitter polish, only $2, and it has blue and purple sparkles in a clear coat.  It dries really fast, too, which I always appreciate. The brand is Pure Ice, and the name, as you can see in the picture, is Cheatin’.  Cute, right?

Actually, maybe I should get some black, because I’m really digging that look…

Er, anyway.

On a random note, I personally tend to lean towards cool colors– maybe just because of the sort of cliche rap that reds and pinks get as being the typical nail polish manicure/pedicure colors.  I’m trying to warm myself to them, though– get it?  Warm myself?

Oh, I slay me.




Trying my hand at Fashion Advice

So, on this same shopping trip, I had my first experience with trying to influence other people to the ways of fashion.  Sort of.  I helped my suite mate, self-professed anti-girly girl, buy her FIRST bottle of nail polish.  Really, I could have cried I was so proud.

I was waffling around in the makeup aisle, mostly trying to pick out a concealer (which I finally ended up buying), and I saw her sort of wander towards the nail polish.  I don’t blame her, it has that effect– sort of like its own gravitational orbit.  You just get sucked in.  She was kind of casually looking them over, and I subtly came over.

“Should I get some nail polish?”  she picked up a really REALLY pretty lime-green color that I instantly lusted after, but told myself to focus, that we were coming into fashion territory.  I wanted to shout HECK YES, but it was like trying to get a deer to come over– I didn’t want to spook her into bolting.

“Well, do you want to get some?  I mean, that’s a pretty color.”  I coaxed, trying to be calm but supportive.  She looked nervous.  I felt a bit better about myself and this whole project in her obvious uncertain terror towards something I felt was so… well, casual.  I always wear nail polish.  To her it was like Columbus discovering Asia-actually-America.

We eventually settled on a very nice, shimmery olive green, also Pure Ice.  The name, coincidentally enough, was First Time.  Weird, right?  But also fate.  As I helped her apply it (because like anyone will tell you, trying to paint your nails with your less dominant hand is just hard), I felt enough pride to burst.

It was a start, and as of this blog, she seems really comfortable with it.  I don’t know that she’ll ever be addicted like me, but you never know.  It has a way of sneaking into your heart, that nail polish.

Current Trends

So, what is in for Spring in the nail department?  According to Teen Vogue, the same sort of thing I’ve been doing for years– crazy nails!  Nail art is getting its time to shine with a mix of eclectic designs and strange color compilations.  The days of painting every nail a different color and getting a weird look are over– at least for now, and it places where fashion is king.

If you would like to go for this look, but don’t necessarily have the talent, time, or money, I’ve seen something in my frequent trips to Walmart you might be interested in.  They’re nail polish strips that you trip to fit your nails, and they stick to act like real nail polish.

Either way, the point is, go nuts! Use whatever colors you would like.  Take a toothpick and draw on cute shapes and cartoons.  Paint your thumbnail with Pacman, then draw those weird blobs that try to eat him on the other nails.  (Actually, I might take that idea.)  The point is, anything goes. 🙂  Match it up with every piece of jewelry you possess, and hit the town.

Well, this isn’t exactly the short update I had planned, but I hope it was interesting anyway.  Plus, I tied it in to fashion, which is the important part. =D

Look for me and my crazy nails at a Walmart near you!

After all, apparently I live there.



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