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Just a little note on something I discovered today while reading a copy of Weight Watchers magazine my mom sent me for Valentine’s Day.  (We like the weight loss stories.)  Anyway, there was a style page in the January-February issue talking about  They sell plus-size clothing from a lot of different companies, and the website is really nice.

Anyway, the article, amidst the fashion tips for spring (namely that soft, fluid, and loose are in for this season, especially when paired with something form-fitting), said that OSP had recently made fashion history.  How?

By hosting the ‘First plus-size fashion show during the recent New York Fashion Week’.  Isn’t that exciting? =D ❤

Zahir Babvani, who is the vice president of design, said this… “Plus-size women want the same style inspiration and fashion direction as everyone else– and now they have it.”  So true!  After all, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that what works for the goose doesn’t necessarily work for the gander– except replace the male/female comparison and replace it with size.  We [thinner girls vs. larger ones] just don’t look good in the same types of clothes.  So having people who know what they’re doing help someone like me figure out how to dress?  Always appreciated.

There was an article in Thursday’s issue of The North Wind that really struck home for me.  The writer was using it to talk more about feminism, but I thought the argument went hand-in-hand with appearances.  Namely, that there are many types of women out there.  (And guys, but you’ll forgive me for focusing on my own gender here for a sec.)  We aren’t all built the same.  The article talked about larger women attacking smaller, and vice versa, which is totally not the point.

The point is you take what you have and embrace it instead of trying to tear other people down.  And I think that this fashion show is a good step in that direction.  Instead of feeling upset and hurt and left out by fashion shows that we can’t really be a part of and aren’t for us, larger women now have some fashion direction of their own.  So we can feel good about ourselves, and our thinner counterparts can keep on truckin’.

The point is that we all love each other AND ourselves.  (Cheesy, I know, but bear with me.)

I guess what I meant to say is, I appreciate acknowledgment for who I am and how I’m shaped, and as long as I’ve got these curves, it’s nice to have some people in the fashion industry who will accommodate me. 🙂


And for anyone who’s interested, here’s the video OSP posted on their site of the fashion show!  I’m loving a lot of the looks, and the girls are so gorgeous– they remind me of the fuller women who used to be drawn and painted like, back in the renaissance or whatever. ❤  So pretty.


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  1. That’s cool news about the first plus-sized fashion show at Fashion Week. About time.

  2. I didn’t even realize she was considered a PLUS size model until I got done reading your post. She, (much to our dismay) looks healthy! I think this has a positive influence on what she’s wearing.

    And daaaamn, that braid in her hair is just gorgeous….

    • I know, right? I think she looks like what human beings are probably SUPPOSED to look like.. You know, unless we’re going through a famine or something. ;P
      Isn’t her hair so pretty? Man, I love that, it’s so… Idk, messy but casually gorgeous. That sort of ‘Oh I just threw it up like this in a hurry’ thing that you know was seriously deliberate but looks so… not.
      Yeahhhh. xD

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