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The weather today was so gorgeous!

I instantly wanted to be anywhere but class, lol.

I hope it doesn’t turn around again and break my heart like last time, ohhh so sad. D: </3

Anyway, hello all!  I just wanted to take a little second to freak out about something exciting– OVER 400 pageviews on my blog!  Huzzah!  I realize these aren’t ground-breaking numbers or anything, but please.  For someone who started this little project as a Nonfiction assignment, and in all honesty doesn’t know what the heck she’s doing (shush, don’t tell anyone!), this is pretty big success. 🙂  I love every one of my comments, but for the people NOT associated with my Nonfic class?  Your comments just make me realize this isn’t a secular project.

So!  I think this will just be a nice little update, one because I have just a few things I want to talk about and one kind-of-funny story, and two because I like to infuse this blog with a little bit of myself where possible, you know?  Feed it my life’s blood, and all that jazz.  (All right, a little weird.)


Walmart trip yesterday!  It was so much fun because I had like $13 left from my grandma, so I really couldn’t go nuts, which meant that the few things I got that weren’t necessities (aka paper towels and drink mix) had to be very… specific.  No nutty hauls this time, sorry friends.  But I did get two things I am VERY excited about!  (And saw something I may go back to buy when I have more money.)

I'm not quite THIS bad, but give it time. x)



First was a two-for-one Soft Lips chapstick!  Since my lips, like the rest of my abused face, are ALWAYS dry, chapstick is something I was experimenting in long before my makeup obsession.  Blistex was usually my stand-by, and I still highly recommend that if your lips are absolutely WRECKED, or you have serious issues with winter chapping.  Once my lips got so bad that they looked like they’d been through a rototiller– literally, and the dryness spread to the corners of my mouth, which just looked UGLY.  I honestly didn’t even want to leave the house because it was so gross.

Blistex saved me then, and I love it eternally, but the rest of the time I just like to carry something around in my purse for a less heavy-duty chapstick, more for preventing serious damage than healing it.  I’ve been using Burts Bees for about 6 months now, and I do love my Burts. 🙂  Honey is a really lovely scent to me, the texture is nice, and it has a GREAT tingle that I just can’t get enough of.  (I love a good tingle.) 

Still, I’d seen some nice reviews on Soft Lips, and since it’s cheaper than Burts I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it out, and so far I’m not disappointed (though I have no idea how it would hold up in colder weather).  I got Cherry, which just smells like your average medicinal cherry-flavor stuff, but it has SPF20, and it came with a free sheer, iridescent Sunscreen version, which has a gorgeous shimmer that would be great if you just wanted some SPF protection that looked nice and natural for like summer beach days or something. =D  (Other flavors are Raspberry and Vanilla that I know of.)  It also has a bit of a tingle, which is just another check in the AWESOME column.

I also was looking for a face mask, because I really want to try something like that on my face, especially since I’ve been messing with it so much lately I feel like it deserves a little pampering.  If I had any money at all I would spring for something from Lush, which is in my links, but that’s a BIT pricey at the moment, so I settled for an extremely cheap alternative.

Anti-oxidant filled, vegetarian, and not animal tested!

It’s called a Passion Peel Off by Montagne Jeunesse, and it was only like $1.35, so I’m not expecting much. xD  But it’s purple, which is my FAVORITE color, and it has pomegranate pulp and Passion flower in it– and pomegranate is one of my favorite fruit-smells.  One of these days when I have a few free minutes to relax I’m looking forward to trying it out, so I’ll let you know how it works!  x)  (I haven’t tried a face mask since I was way younger, like 11 or 12, and even then I think I just bought it, never used it.  IT WILL BE A FIRST!)

Oh, right, and the thing I might go back for?  It’s from some brand that really get’s a kick out of using vegetables– Carrots, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, etc.  They have a line of eye creams, and I picked up the cucumber one to take a look, since cucumber is good for your eyes and all.  (You know, the typical cucumber slices on your eyes, which actually DO work!)  The line on the back of the box was ‘Put this eye cream around your eyes in the morning to wake up your tired peepers…’  I didn’t get much farther than that because I absolutely DIED laughing.  I LOVE the word ‘peepers’ for eyes!! I would really buy it on that alone, because I am indeed crazy.

A fun story from Monday…

Pretty much everyone from class has heard this, but I’ll tell it again because it really was just a WTF morning, all in all.  SO.  Mondays and Wednesdays are pretty great.  I don’t have my first class until 2, giving me plenty of beauty (LOL) sleep and time to get up and eat/makeup/homework before class.  (My first class is, go figure, Nonfiction.)

So I had stayed up pretty late Sunday reading The Lovely Bones for my Good Books class, and let me just take a minute to plug that book.  I know it came out some time ago, but really, if you’re like me and just haven’t gotten around to it?  Read it!  It was told in a lovely flowing narrative voice, nothing overly complicated or too simple, and the story was really interesting.  Not only is it told by a character who is dead (which was something really interesting), but the story is just beautiful and, at times, heartbreaking.  I have a HUGE empathy problem, so I was sitting in Starbucks trying valiantly not to cry at some points. xD;  This is NOT a murder-mystery, however, so if you aren’t expecting that, I think it’s something a lot of people could find meaning in. 🙂

BUT, back to my story. xD  So I had woken up, having planned my morning so that I had time to do everything.  (Thank goodness I took a shower the night before!)  I was kind of tired from my late night, and woken up a little early by the maintenance guy to fix our shower.  Our shower AND our sinks haven’t been draining right, taking a lot of time, so we put in a work order a bit ago.  So he fixes the shower while I do some leftover homework, then leaves without doing the sinks.  I’m like, OK, and continue about my business.

So I start doing my makeup, which was a GORGEOUS look I did with purples on the top and my 24k Hard Candy liner on the bottom.  It took me a little longer than usual, which was OK in my time budget– probably because I decided to try to throw my hair up in a messy-but-time-consuming bun, which actually looked pretty cool.  YEAH.


SO, anywho, I had one eye done when suddenly the maintenance guy comes back to look at the sinks.  I had to clear out and, in my haste, forgot almost all of my eyeshadow brushes in the bathroom with him.  Even then, I only had a little mirror, and I wasn’t going to get much farther.  He takes like 20 minutes, all the while I’m freaking out ’cause I have 40 minutes to class and 1 eye not done, and he finally finishes.

He didn’t actually FIX the sinks, just made them worse– now nothing will go down, and they’re filled with nasty brown water, which is just a giant YUCK.  I hurried and finished my makeup, threw my clothes on, and went to class without eating, only like 5 minutes late, which I was pretty impressed with.  I lamented about all of this on my Facebook, where one of my tactless male friends goes ‘Why didn’t you get up earlier?’  Yeesh, everyone’s a critic.

Aaaand, yeah.

In things not relating to fashion at ALL, but maybe sort of, New Science was having their plant sale today, and I went to check it out.  I bought one last year, and I totally loved having the little guy on our windowsill, drinking in his sunlight and being all cheery and smelling nice. ^^  I got the same kind this year, a Cuban Oregano— $2.50 for a smaller one, or $4.00 for the bigger ones.  (I got a baby one, lol.)  I love to rub the leaves and get their extremely pungent smell on my fingers– It’s just SO GOOD!  Plus you can throw them in a soup or something and eat them!

The one from last year is actually planted in the front garden of my house, and as far as I know he got pretty big over the summer.  I hope this one can join him, once we both get back home in May!  This one is Cubo Jr., because I named the last one Cubo as well.  Get it?  CUBan Oregano?  Cubo?  I slay me sometimes. x)

Busy planning out my future shopping trips at home, figuring out where major stores are located in Ohio.  (Marquette, for all its lovely nature and jazz, doesn’t have ANYTHING!  Honestly, it’s really sad.)  Part of that planning that DOESN’T have so much to do with shopping is figuring out what to do with my sister.  She’s 17, will be 18 in August (OH MY GOD), and just… well, different and yet not so different from me… It’s hard to explain.

We’re totally different body types, hair color AND eye color, so except for some facial shaping we look nothing alike. xD  She’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’ve always been jealous– but this summer I’m looking forward to treating her like one of those Barbie heads, you know, that you can do makeup on?  She’ll probably hate it, but like mooching off my stuff.

Anyway, since she’s trying to save money and stuff for God-knows-what, I figure we’ll probably be doing more wholesome together activities, like exercising.  That’s one of my things to do this summer, exercise, and she’s very sporty, so she’ll probably be a lot of help and some good company.  I like trying to bolster our relationship! Plus it can’t hurt, right?  xD  Give me that beach-body I’ve never had… er, well, maybe for the Summer of ’13 or something.

I’m expecting my NYX haul to come in the mail any day now!  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I am just SO EXCITED FOR IT!  Among a lot of random experimental items/lip products I bought 4 Jumbo Eye Pencils, which is one of NYX’s really popular items.  (They’re better than MAC Shadesticks, or so I’ve heard– very creamy and pigmented.)  I got Black Bean, Pots and Pans, Milk and Oyster.  Anyway, I’ll get more on that when it comes!

AAAND last, my mom was texting me today about dresses.  🙂  She said I should start looking for one, ’cause she wants to buy me one for the summer.  Isn’t that nice?  It should be interesting, trying to dress shop with all of my new-found fashion knowledge.  Of course I’m still clueless about my body and what looks good on it, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?  Of course not!  (Although it was destroyed in one.)  If I find anything cute, or anyone has suggestions, message me!

So yes, my lovely readers,

I think we’ve come to the end.  I’m going to tweak this post by adding the photos and colors I know you all LOVE, then go take a shower THAT CAN LAST AS LONG AS I WANT CAUSE MY SHOWER IS FIXED!  I may just use some of my Pomegranate Mango body wash and go crazy in that thing.  (Plus the wash smells AH-MAY-ZING.)

In the meantime, I just want to say thank you, as always, for reading!  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc, I TOTALLY urge you to comment and tell me!  I don’t bite, I promise, and will no doubt reply because I’m desperate for things to do. x)  Till next time y’all, take care!

A Sweatpants Diva