Springin’ Clothes

Hippie dress
$48 – soul-flower.com



Espadrille flat
$35 – delias.com


Forever21 gladiator sandal
$22 – canada.forever21.com


Forever21 beaded handbag
$25 – canada.forever21.com



25 AUD – birdsnest.com.au


Stud earring
11 GBP – accessorize.com


Green shade
15 EUR – stylefile.com




Companion 12 x 12 Double-Sided Paper
$1 – scrapyourtrip.com

I am having SO much fun with Polyvore.com! Isn’t this great?  It gives you such free-range over all sorts of fashion pieces, I even used it to shop for a dress the other day!  (I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but dresses are a big thing with me at the moment.)

This look is totally eclectic, but since I’m also in love with color, that’s totally right up my alley!  If I were going for this myself, I would also add a TON more bracelets— and wouldn’t worry at all whether or not they matched.  (Because crazy colors are in this spring!)

I love that Urban Decay eyeshadow, by the way.  Kiddie Pool is such an adorable shade of light blue. ❤  And with a dress like that, there are a BILLION ways you could work with that shadow– use it by itself, pair it with other blues, or go absolutely NUTS and see how many different color combinations you can create!

I would also suggest an updo for hair, something messy but fun, and find a crazy hat or maybe flower, scarf, SOMETHING to throw in there.  (I never thought I would be giving fashion advice, let me tell you.)  I’m getting so excited for shopping!  (Which is nice because today’s weather just totally put me down in the dumps.)

NYX Haul probably on Wednesday, I promise!  (African Literature is kicking my butt.)

See y’all later!



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A woman who has decided to start using blogging as both a method of getting off her butt to DO things and a tool for school projects. Hopefully this works out. :)

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