Quite Cute for Spring

Lots of stuff coming up!

What with the end of school and finals,

this blog is technically reaching the end of its life.  My essay based on it is actually due Wednesday, and THAT, as they say, is that.  I’m not sure what will happen at that time, but until then there’s a couple of things I still want to get posted, and to address.  My hair summary post will be coming soon, but this one has some other goodies.

First!  My mother was nice enough to go out for me and pick up a few things from the local MAC store and ship them to me, since I couldn’t get them myself and I HATE paying shipping.  (Plus I’m a liiiiittle low on funds just at the moment.)  I’ll pay her back, but I’m glad I got them, ’cause the two lipsticks were sold out quick online.  (As well as the other two limited-edition lipsticks with the Quite Cute collection.)

Actually, my conversation with my mother while she was at the MAC store was quite amusing, although they usually are.  At first she had thought she was just buying them for me, and that I didn’t intend to pay her back– which was awfully sweet of her to agree to, though I set her straight.  Anyway, we were talking, and it was sort of funny.

Mom: I only have one lipstick, and I’ve had it for years.  Anytime I go out, which is rarely, I wear that lipstick.  Just something I gave up to have children and give them nice things.

Me: Ha ha, yeah, I appreciate that.

Mom: That’s good.  When you have your own children, you’ll know what I mean.  And at $45, you better like these three lipsticks.  Who knows, they could be the only colors you own for the rest of you life.

While I was at it I got a lipglass from the Jeanius collection, but sadly they didn’t have Acid Washed lipstick, but I guess I can live, since I already have plenty to play with.  I got the package yesterday, and I tried on all the products, wasting no time!  So what did I get?  I ended up with…

Candy Yum Yum lipstick, which is a matte, but rather smooth and not at all drying, considering.  Apparently this collection was big on their lipsticks acting differently than their finish would lend you to believe.  Anyway, this was my favorite acquisition, and seems to be a big hit all over.  I’m not nearly so well-off or consistent with makeup that I would buy backups of anything, but if I were going to, it would be of this lipstick.

In life it is extremely bright, a blue-pink neon bright which may seem intimidating but is absolutely gorgeous.  From what I could tell it has great lasting power as well, even on me!  Maybe I’ll give it its own review, someday.  Both lipsticks (and the lipglass for that matter) were $14.50 each.

Then I got…

Playing Koi lipstick, which is more of a peachy-nude, and totally on the opposite side of the scale from the other.  Actually, all three products I got were totally different colors, which was kind of nice.  I got to see a lot of different colors, and I now have a pretty full range of pink lip colors.

This one is a Satin finish, and although it doesn’t feel dry, it LOOKS dry.  It’s the weirdest thing, but the lipstick just sort of settles into your lips, even if their incredibly well taken care of and exfoliated.  I don’t mind that too much– I just throw a gloss over it and it settles down into a nice pale lip color.  Plus the name is just too adorable!

Finally, I have…

Indigo Pink lipglass.  (The only name I was really disappointed in.  You know how I am about names!)  This is a deep berry color, which sets it completely apart from the other 2 colors.  Like I said– totally across-the-board.  So far I’ve only used this over the Playing Koi lipstick, so I’m not sure how it looks on my lips by itself, but the color is just so pretty!

You can find swatches of all of these in a variety of places– just google them, or wait until I get around to reviewing (???), but if you were considering buying any I would look into it sooner than later!

Here's the promo picture from MAC for the Quite Cute collection. Adorable, right?

I actually wore the Playing Koi + Indigo Pink combo today when I attended the NMU writing award ceremony-thing.  I had entered a piece of fiction titled “After the Probe” (it was about an alien abductee group), and I was actually one of the four runners-up!  It was a really nerve-wracking experience, but a great one, and I plan on entering again next year.

In case anyone was interested, I definitely think I had the best makeup in the room. ❤  I was wearing my Shiro Cosmetics Pokemon eyeshadows– I went with a toned-down brown look, nothing too flashy.  I used S.S. Anne on the inside, Sudowoodo in the middle, and then Brock the Rock on the outside and in the crease.  It actually looked quite nice. 🙂  (QUITE CUTE, even?  Oh ho ho!)

Even though my nerves were roiling the entire time leading up to finding out if I had won or not, I felt… Better, I guess, knowing that I looked nice?  I think that’s a power I used to underestimate, or even scoff at, a little.  I mean, who should have to rely on a jar or a bottle for self-confidence?  A lot of problems can be caused that way.  But that’s not how I saw it.  I just felt like it was a boost, a pick-me-up, a five-hour-energy for my self esteem.

And, really, mine can use all the help it can get.  No need to complain!

Sadly not MY lips, but the next best thing, right?  (Btw, that’s ALMOST true to life, but really, it’s still brighter, even than that.)

Before I leave, I just wanted to impart something I was thinking about after getting this lipstick.  Candy Yum Yum is a gorgeous neon color, but it’s extraordinarily bright, as you can see.  When I was ordering it I thought, why are you wasting money on that?  What if it looks awful on your lips?  You’ve never tried anything that bright!  You’ve hardly tried anything at all!

Still, something nagged at me.  The truth was, I just really loved the color!  It had caught my eye from the beginning.  So I thought ‘what the hell’ and got it anyway, money be damned.  And when I tried it on, I loved it.  It was everything I had hoped it would be and more.  I would honestly wear this with anything, and have had to stop myself putting it on for no reason just to preserve it.

So what’s the point?  Well, just that it’s sort of funny.  Me, that is.

I was looking up reviews of this lipstick, and everyone + their mother agrees that it’s just to DIE for.  There are a couple of dupes, but really, nothing can QUITE live up to this level of awesome.  (Can you blame it?)  Still, the popular consensus seems to be ‘That is a GORGEOUS color, but I just don’t think I could wear it!’.  I saw dozens of comments like that– people lusting after it, but who wouldn’t ever buy it because they didn’t think they could wear it out of the house.

Get away with wearing it.  Pull it off.  Etc.

And yet here I am, wearing this lipstick, and I wouldn’t have thought twice about waltzing out of my bathroom into the wide wide world to show off my neon-pink lips.  In fact, I WANTED people to see it!  Does that make me brave?  Or just delusional?  How come I have the courage/confidence/whatever to wear a neon-pink lip, but not to do other things?

My forays into makeup and fashion have taught me a lot of things.  I’m not so phobic about touching my eyes anymore.  (Good?  Bad?  Who knows?)  I’m taking better care (actually just taking notice in general) of my skin.  And it’s giving me subtle confidence in a dozen different ways.  Hot pink lipstick today, talking to a boy tomorrow.  Who knows?

It’s been a crazy ride.


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