About Me

So who’s writing this thing, anyway?

What to say about myself?  I’ve never been very good about these, but I’d still like to give anyone who wants to know a little bit of information to go on.

I love art, writing, reading, colors, and pretty much anything right-brain related.  Except maybe for modern art– I really don’t think that counts.  It’s lazy.

I’ve played almost every sport at least once, but the only one I was really ever any good at was softball.  Well.  And maybe basketball.  Mostly because I was so tall, I was good at covering the other team’s players.

Something I really love to do is ride horses.  I went to a horseback-riding summer camp for five years when I was younger, and I really enjoyed everything I learned there.  I got as far as cantering– though one time my horse decided we were going to gallop instead, without warning me, and I ended up getting bucked off into a fence. (I got back on, though!  At least until I said my head hurt– then I had to go get checked for a concussion.)

I’m a native of Ohio, in the Cleveland area– a small-ish town called North Ridgeville.  We’re known for the Corn Festival, or not known at all.  I really enjoy it there, but I don’t think I’ll stay forever, just like I don’t plan to stay in Marquette, even though I really find it a swell place to go to college.

Traveling is one of my more recent passions.  Even at a young age, my sister and I learned how to be really great car passengers– my mom would frequently pack us up and go on day or weekend trips when she got the whim.  I can go long distances in a car without having any problem with it, as long as you let me out to pee every once in awhile.

This led to my participating in a People-to-People trip to Japan, where I joined a group from California for a two-week venture all around the island.  I don’t think I’ve ever learned as much in one go as I did on that trip, and I’d love to go back someday.  First, though, I need to go a few other places. 🙂  Ireland, and Venice, and all through those big art places.  Like the Louvre– I really want to see that place.

I’m currently an English Writing major, and I want to become a publishing editor eventually– preferably for novels.  (Fiction.)  My plan is to work in Boston doing this for a couple years, write my New York Times’ Best-Seller, then run off to Ireland, where I’ll meet my future husband at a Bed-and-Breakfast.  Then he’ll come back here with me, where we’ll live out our days on a horse farm in Pennsylvania.  =)  Yup– got it allll planned.

You can find links to all of my favorite and personal websites below!  They’ll help you to learn more about me than my blathering on, probably.

And, if you want to know anything else, ask me!  We’re going to get very chummy with this blog, you and I. ;D


  1. Kiah… you’re the cutest. ^^

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