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Color-Me Spring

Wondering what to wear this spring?

Check out my personal choices!

Polyvore again!  I guess you can sorta take this as the fashion portion of my blog, lol.  🙂  I definitely don’t have the money to re-do my wardrobe anytime soon, and although I do the best I can to dress up occasionally, my college-clothes weren’t really chosen for their fashion-forward appearance!  (Which would be why I have three pairs of sweatpants and no dresses.)

So this site (that’s again for anyone who hasn’t caught on) is a great way for me to get my personal shopper skills going!

I would wear all of these outfits (except the bikini, but that’s not really for my body type) myself, and I think I would totally love them. 😀  Okay, I know I would.  They all incorporate the spring trends I’ve been reading about during my three months (OMG) of fashion, so they’re all very in for the season!

Just in case anyone is wondering, here are some of the It-Spring themes

  • Flats are big!  But if you want to wear heels, go for wedges or chunky-heels– no regular heels, and DEFINITELY not stilettos!
  • COLOR!  Which is my favorite thing for spring. 🙂  Romantic pastels, or very bright colors like corals and hot pinks.
  • Nauticals!  Basically that means the stripes, but hey, who doesn’t love a good anchor?
  • Crazy bangles and bracelets!  Throw as much color into your outfit as possible, and nothing has to match (in so many words anyway).  Do all of your nails differently, wear rainbow– that sort of thing.
  • Florals!  Flower patterns come and go, and though they’re often a spring favorite they’re going to shine this season.  Pick up a fun, flirty, breezy floral dress in crazy or pastel colors!

Again, I encourage everyone to give me feedback. 🙂  What do YOU like to wear in the spring?  Are there any of these trends you’re especially looking forward to?  What do you think of my collection?  Have you created your own?  Comments are love!

Here are my two picks– chances are I’ll be buying one of them very shortly!  Both of these are available at, or Maurices stores.

Paisley Floral Maxi Dress

Floral Tank Dress w/Pockets

Stay tuned!

((Sorry updates have been short/videos– end-of-year is kicking my butt, lol.  Oh!  Don’t forget to check out the new blog addition, the ‘Questions‘, which can be found below or on the Questions page!))

((Also also, I got a couple things from MAC!  I ended up with Candy Yum Yum and Playing Koi lipsticks from the Quite Cute collection — both of which have already sold out online.  I also threw in the Indigo Pink lipglass from the Jeanius collection– three totally different shades to try out.  Can’t wait to get them!))