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First Ulta Buys

Hey everyone!

Sorry about the semi-long absence,

but things have been just crazy around here!  Like I may or may not have mentioned, last week was a big one as far as finals were concerned.  I still have a couple of those this upcoming week, but nothing too bad.  (I’m studying my Spanish now.  Well.  When I’m not writing this!)

Then, and possibly the worse of two evils, my laptop became inexplicably and quite suddenly riddled with viruses last Tuesday.  I took it to the Help Desk, and they apparently cleared the problem.  Then, when I was using it Friday, it suddenly went under again and got the same thing.  SO, since they were closed Saturday, I took the computer in again today.

Sad computer is sad. ;(

The guy working on it (while taking like 10x longer than needed ’cause he was busy nerding it up with the guy next to him) seemed to clear it up again, so I took it out and went to work Campus Cinema.  Literally an HOUR later, it contracted a COMPLETELY NEW VIRUS.  (Seriously.)

So I took it to the Help Desk FOR THE THIRD TIME, and so far it seems to be holding up OK.  I’m a bit wary, but I’ll take it.  Really, I just need it to last through my other 2 finals.  Of course I would like it to be fit for summer, but yeah.  Still, they told me how to fix it if the problem comes back, so I’m hoping I could take care of it myself.

Changest and whatnot.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I did anything special.  Finals and whatnot, including my shitty sleep schedule, have just completely sapped my desire to do anything– which is bad!  Bad bad bad!  Have I learned NOTHING during this experiment?  Apparently.  *sigh*  Now that things have cooled off, though, I’m trying to get back on the wagon.

What sort of beauty-related news do I have at the moment?  Hmm.  I updated the ‘link’s section with some new fun blogs and Youtubers to check out…  Oh!  Of course!

If you haven’t noticed (though I don’t know how you could have missed it– or how I could have forgotten!), one of the things I did recently was change the blog skin!  I just felt like a change, as I occasionally do, and one of the newest WordPress layouts just caught my eye.  A lot of them do, but this one had all the little columns and things I’ve come to depend on, so I said why the hell not?

Hopefully navigation isn’t TOO complicated– really, it hasn’t changed much at all, except for the stuff in the left sidebar.  Clicking different icons shows you different things– they should be relatively easy to navigate and discover.  Just play around, and let me know if anything seems ridiculously rocket-science hard!

Speaking of Rocket Science,

This is a good segue for the beauty portion of this blog!  I had a little extra cash recently, so I decided to buy some stuff from  They also have Ulta stores, in case you have ever seen/been to one.  I haven’t, but I found one near my home, so when I go back for the summer it’s one of the places I look forward to frequenting!

Anyway, I was browsing through the nail polish, and thanks to a couple of reviews and collections on, I was looking for some specific ORLY nail polishes, and I found them. 🙂  I think they were part of a collection of sparkly duochromes, and there were at least 6 colors on Ulta, which I think was all that were released.  They were each $10, but they were having a buy-two-get-one-free deal, so I got three.

The colors I bought were…

Halley’s Cometan extremely pretty blue/green/teal, depending on how you look at it in what light!  No lie, this is definitely the SHIMMERIEST nail polish I have ever seen in my entire life.  Still, despite all the glitter, this isn’t a gritty polish– you know how in some nail polishes you can feel the glitter when you run a finger over the nail?  Well, you don’t get that with these!

It’s Not Rocket Science, pretty much the perfect Saint Patrick’s Day color!  (Shame that holiday already passed, right?)  Another great multi-dimensional polish, Rocket Science looks green in the bottle, but alternates from green to gold on your nail.  Again, just like Halley’s Comet, this polish is just ridiculously chock-full of sparkle.  Application is relatively smooth– couldn’t tell you much about staying power ’cause I bite my nails and pick at things CONSTANTLY.

And finally, the incredibly-duochrome Space Cadet.  Honestly, I don’t even KNOW what all is going on in this color.  If you google it, you’ll get a billion swatches, and each shows a different color and shade.  Really, it’s just gorgeous, but a you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it.  Definitely my favorite!  (And someone else might have guessed that the names really attracted me to these– they’d be right!)

Picking just 3 was incredibly hard, and I plan on trying to go back and buy the other 3, but for the moment I think I made good choices.  They certainly made me feel much more cheery when finals were driving me insane and it was snowing outside!  (Yeah, it did that again.  Urgh.  But at least it was nice again today– pull your crap together, weather!)

ORLY Nail Lacquers are normally $7-8, but I didn’t mind paying the extra $3 for these– partly because I got them on sale, partly because they’re just so darn pretty!  I believe you even get more product with these, but don’t quote me on that– these are my first ORLY polishes.

In case anyone is wondering which I’m wearing– I’m wearing them all! ^^ ❤  I have Halley’s Comet and Rocket Science alternating on my fingernails, and I painted all my toes with Space Cadet.  I’m sort of bummed, because when I go back home for summer I can’t wear nail polish at my job, but at least my toes will look springy!

Etc. And Samples

My experience with was definitely a good one.  🙂  I found more than a few things I would love to buy, and still look forward to visiting the physical store with great interest.  Navigating wasn’t difficult, and my order arrived swiftly, with all the proper items intact.

Ulta also has lots of deals for extras, and you get three (3) samples!  I was trying to pick out things that might come in handy or be interesting to me personally, so I chose…

  • Cover Girl Natureluxe Silk Foundation, which came with samples in Aspen and Maple, not to mention some coupons!
  • Some little perfume sample.  I can’t remember what it was, but I wasn’t crazy about it– I accidentally got it all over myself, and proceeded to smell like my grandmother for a couple hours.  (I hate that!)
  • Aaaannnddd a sample of the Urban Decay lipstick in ‘Sellout’, which was a nice deep red, unlike anything I had tried before.  I think I pulled it off quite well!  (Though MAN, that Urban Decay lipstick has a weird smell!)

Overall, it was good times, and I would definitely recommend it.  They have a points system as well, so as you rack up purchases, you also rack up points!  Spend enough, and you’ll get store credit to buy something extra!

So again, sorry about the lengthy post– and the lengthy wait!  But I hope to be back in action and blogging as long as anyone feels like reading it. Although future posts may include a little more about me/my life, I hope this doesn’t put anyone off– after all, this IS my blog!