Random Beauty Questions!

In case you wanted to know more about me/what I use.

This is where you can go to see questions I have already answered and taken down!  The questions are posted towards the bottom of my blog.  I’ll leave them up for a day or two, then post a new Q&A!  If you want to see the older ones, you’ve come to the right place. ❤

1. What was the very first makeup item you used? :::
The very first thing that wasn’t me playing with mom’s makeup or involved with acting was probably Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse. 🙂

2. Do you like celebrities as spokespeople for beauty brands?  :::
To be honest, I don’t really even notice them!  It doesn’t matter who’s wearing what– I know they’re being paid, and I know they’re being airbrushed!

3. What Beauty Brand would you like to explore? ::                                                                                                                                                                                                   A lot of them! xD My experience is so limited at the moment– especially by my budget. I think I would like to try a couple things from Bobbi Brown, but they’re a biiiiit outside my wallet range right now!


  1. I instantly hated the two dresses that you showed us in your last post. Those patterns were a nightmare from my childhood. But I really like the pastel colors from the website that you sited at the beginning.

    In spring I love wearing sundresses and bright colors! I’m craving bright colors like an addict needs their choice of drugs. I don’t have money to be buying new cloths so I’m just trying to mix up what I already have in new inventive ways. Perhaps I’ll convince my mom to help me make some more sundresses.

    • Ha ha, a nightmare? xD Pretty intense! But the color part is always good, no matter what. ^^ Sundresses! Every time I wear one, I feel like I’m dressing up, and that everyone else thinks the same of me. I guess the more I wear them, the more everyone (myself included) will get used to seeing me in them, right?
      =D ❤ If your mom can help you make some, that's great! Is there anything about that in the going green book? x)

  2. For the first make up question: mine was lipstick. Mom had this rule about phasing in the use of make up and lipstick was really easy to teach.

    • Ahh lipstick, a classic. 🙂 I often wish my mom had been more into makeup so I could have learned about it gradually, but then I wouldn’t have had this fun adventure!

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