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Shopping List: Wet’N’Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder

An older product!

This is one of the few things I started out with,

and I have to admit I’ve gained a new appreciation for it.  I originally bought it as a blush, and occasionally used it all-over for some color.  Really it got shoved to the back of my mind like the rest of my makeup, but I thought I would do a review of it here for my Shopping List series!  After all of my makeup-mania, it’s obviously come back into the spotlight.

I have this in Strike-A-Pose-Rose, which is a very nice color.  Nothing too extreme, mind you, and it easily blends away into nothing at all, but it IS an illuminating powder, not an actual blush.  There are at least a couple of these, and they’re all in different shades, each containing four strips of different color that you can use separately or all together.

Sorry the picture is sort of pixel-y, but that’s what the packaging looks like.  Simple, nothing too crazy, but you get a decent amount of product for the cost.  I got mine at Walmart, so it’s a drugstore product, and these retail for about $4.00 or so, though of course prices may vary.

Now this is the product I turn to on my lazier days, when I want to put on something but don’t plan to go all-out.  I grab this, my Great-Lash Mascara (which I’m trying to use up like a good girl), and my pencil liner for just the most basic of looks.  Still, I can throw this all over and look much more made-up than I really am!

How I apply this is with a basic powder brush.  I swirl it through all the colors, tap off the excess, then pat it on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.  Finally I buff it all over for a nice glowy effect.

Finally, if I want some color to my cheeks, I’ll run the brush through just the two reds in the middle and use it as blusher.

A new use I was pleased to discover was using the pale gold on the far left as a cheek highlight.  (Sadly, right after I discovered it, that particular strip broke off and is a crumbled mess.)  I ran my finger over it a couple times and just applied that to the tops of my cheeks for a really pretty highlight.

I think these Illuminating Powders by Wet’N’Wild are a pretty good deal, what with being only $4 and having pretty good color and usage.  This definitely has the most wear on it of all my makeup collection, as new as most of it is.  I would totally re-purchase, and actually want to try the other color(s) in the future.

Obviously if you’re in the market for a better, high-end highlighter/illuminator, there are plenty to be found, but they’ll certainly be more expensive.  This is a good, budget-friendly alternative. 🙂

Other good illuminating products to try (although I haven’t used them myself) are the MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes, and also the Physician’s Formula Mineral Glow Pearls or Shimmerstrips. (All of which I would love to try someday, but I have heard EXCELLENT reviews.)

Have you tried this product?  Thoughts, likes or dislikes?  Let me know!

This shows how nice the colors are, and decent-yet-workable pigmentation.

I have to say that the gold and the golden-bronze are definitely my favorite colors of the four. ❤